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Waive the Immigration Health Surcharge N/J

The Immigration Health Surcharge is a fee paid by international nursing staff and their families who work in health and care services across the UK

A nurse, midwife, health care assistant or student must pay the surcharge for each family member for every year of their working visa. What’s more, the surcharge cannot be paid in instalments throughout the year – it has to be paid upfront.

This is a crippling price to pay, especially for those who are working in our health care services. 

The UK Government must recognise the valuable contribution non-EEA nursing staff make to the NHS and health and social care.

Non-EEA nursing staff already pay National Insurance and Income Tax, as well as directly contributing to our health and social care services through their work.

It is unfair to ask them to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge as well.

Email your MP today asking them to write to Sajid Javid MP, Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, asking him to immediately waive the Immigration Health Surcharge for non-EEA nursing staff.