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Debate on investing into student higher education DEVOLVED

Recently we launched a campaign calling on the UK Government and NHS England to #FundOurFuture nurses by putting a minimum of £1bn a year back into nursing higher education, as part of the long term plan for the NHS. This would go some way to replace the funding lost when the bursary was removed in 2016.

On Wednesday 21 November there will be a Westminster Hall debate on investing in nursing higher education. Following this debate, there is likely to be a vote. Although this is non-binding, it's a really positive step forward and keeps nursing higher education high on the political agenda.

During the debate the UK Government will formally respond to issues raised by MPs. 

Now is our opportunity to take action so we can get our voice heard. 

Email your MP today and tell them why it’s important for them to attend the debate next Wednesday to help #FundOurFuture nurses. 

It's vitally important that your MP hears your story. 

Make sure you personalise the template email with your own story so they understand why this is so important.