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What does productivity mean for nursing staff?

The UK Government has suggested that productivity can be improved in the NHS.

We know how incredibly hard you work and how stretched you are on a daily basis. Put simply, the NHS would grind to a halt without all the extra unpaid hours that nursing staff like you do every day.

But your MP likely doesn’t know just how hard you and your colleagues work. So tell them. By writing to your MP and sharing your stories of the pressures you face in your role, you will help them to better understand why nursing staff deserve an above inflation pay award for 2018/2019.  

We must work together to make clear that any increase to your pay should not be linked to productivity.

Make your voice heard by including your own experience, including the effect of pay restraint on you, your family and your colleagues, and the impact that staffing shortages are having on patient safety. We've left space for you to write about this.

We’re building up evidence to use in talks with the UK Government, including negotiations about reform to Agenda for Change, so your experiences are crucial.